A Writer Leaves Station A at 10:30…


I‘m a sarcastic cynic rather than a life-affirming self-helper, but when I came across this personal growth article that used writers as an example, my ears perked up. How often are we used in example? Exciting!

The gist is to do whatever it is you do often and consistently and you will achieve success. The example they use is of a writer who writes 2 hours a day versus 1 hour a day. At the end of ten years, the 1-hour-a-day writer had written for a total of 3640 hours while being left in the dust by the 2-hours-a-day writer with his 7280 hours.

At first glance, I was cheering “absolutely, I need to write 2 hours a day! Look at that difference!” But then I thought about it. Yes, I definitely need to get my butt in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard, but my just pounding furiously for two hours a day versus one doesn’t guarantee my success…does it?

“The distance between them gets further and further as time passes. After 10 years, A can no longer see B on the horizon since B will already be left behind by 3640 hours!”

Well, technically no, the distance between them doesn’t get larger or further…the 2-hours-a-day writer is still writing twice as much as the 1-hour-a-day writer…same as on day one. And my cynical side raised its head, childishly stuck out its tongue and said “so there!”


I realize that the point of the article is consistency and habit. I’m fighting my tongue pbbbt-ing  self to keep that in mind, because what the article is saying is true: cumulative effect does matter.

I read a lot about perseverance on writing blogs and I know from experience that when I sit down to write, I actually write. Imagine that.

I guess I just don’t like it presented to me in a cheery, helpful manner.

So, how do you convert knowing something into actually doing something?


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