Leaving Home


Ephraim’s almost ready to leave home.

I remember when I sent him out before, many years ago, and got a personalized rejection letter…signed with a note!

Since I’ll be sending him out again. I dug around for the rejection (yes, I keep all of them), so that I could send it back to the same place that rejected me so nicely before. What was it they said? Something about passive sentences? Gone! More defined time flow? Done!

Um, no. The signer, who I am starting to remember was an intern, said she liked the ambiguity of the piece and said that it was a very nice character study. Then she asked to see other work. Hmm. Other work. When I shelved Ephraim last time, I decided to quit “playing around” with short stories and focus on novels. There was nothing else to send.

There’s still nothing else to send.

So, do I go back to the same publication, years later, with the same character study? I thought, great, send something out for submission, then throw yourself into Julia. But maybe I should throw myself into other work. I don’t think I can work on Julia and a new piece…an entirely new character to learn. I’m having enough problems working with Ephraim and Julia, old friends essentially, at the same time.


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