Notre Dame gargoyle looks over the rooftops of Paris and a dark, cloudy sky looks over the gargoyle

Cloudy Sky Over Paris by Mario Giambattista CC 3.0

I’ve found that, sometimes, what I’ve already written is my biggest barrier to moving forward. It clouds my judgment. Because it’s already on paper (or screen), I take it as fact – it has to be there. It doesn’t.

This was the stumbling block I was finally able to see in this post, but it took lots of hair pulling to uncovering it.

There’s no easy way that I’ve found to get over my own writing. But I do know that if I’m stuck for several days and I get this “oh no, this isn’t working, I’m a horrible writer, I’m a horrible person, I should sink into the ground and never be found” feeling, then I need to step back and seriously consider not if the writing isn’t working, but why it isn’t working. Because, at that point, it is the writing that’s throwing me off.

And generally, I’m hanging onto because it sounds good and not because it works…and needs to be deleted. So “kill your darlings” is advice I remind myself of over and over again.

What advice do you keep close at hand?


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