I’m a Teenage Girl


Apparently, anyway. You know the stereotype: teenage girl on the phone…at all times.

Phone conversations make for bad action (via Bamboo Killers) and sloppy story telling. And yet I keep trying to put Julia on the phone.

Need words of wisdom from her friend but don’t want to be bothered by actually having to deal said friend? Stick ’em on a phone call. Ug.

I’ve run into this before and remedied it by ripping the phone away from the character mid-conversation. Not exactly edge of your seat gripping, but better.

I’m not sure why this is my crutch for parsing out information. Perhaps I wasn’t on the phone enough as a teenager.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Teenage Girl

  1. Hi! Thank you for checking out my blog. 🙂 It looks like you have waaaay more snow than we do near Indy. Love the pics.

    As far as telephone conversations in fiction go, I think if they are kept short, they can have potential. For example, maybe a secret is revealed and overheard? Or it can be like that old telephone game where information is passed along via phone conversations and what started out as, “My dog, Pandora, is taking heartworm medication” turns into “Did you know that Pam is on meds?”

    Just my two cents, for whatever that is worth. Happy writing!

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