Bowl of ice cream with M&Ms, cherries, banana slices and chocolate syrup

M~n~M Ice Cream by LadyDragonflyCC - Happy Valentines CC 3.0

OK, I was optimistically cocky the other day.

I still believe that I need to move actions and realizations earlier in Julia. What I didn’t realize when I made this grand plan, however, was that doing so meant deleting 20 pages of work. That’s over 5,000 words!


It’s disheartening. I was cheerily following my swelling word count and was poised to pass The Notebook and break the NaNo 50K, but now, I feel like I’ve been sent back to the stone ages.

I also can’t believe I went in the wrong direction for so long. Blindly pushing ahead even though something felt off  did work for a bit (specifically for 20 pages), but, in the end, it made for more work.

I know that undoing all those scenes and pages will be worth it in the end, but it’s still going to be quite an undertaking. I may need chocolate ice cream.

Have you ever figured out something was wrong WAY after the fact (other than the answer to number 5 on that Algebra quiz)? Did you find anything that made fixing it easier?


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