I‘m postless today…sorry, but I’ve found a DVD with behind the scenes and deleted scenes! Woo-hoo!

I may get lost for a while, but I’ll try to work my way back for next week’s posts!


2 thoughts on “Laters

  1. bethfinke

    You are forgiven for taking some time away from your blog — I’ve been out of synch lately and am just now catching up with your posts. Just read “Rewind” and then linked to a post from last August, the one you wrote about deleted scenes in movies. Seems that fairly often when I hear an actor or actress interviewed on Fresh Air they say that a famous scene they did for a movie might have ended up on the cutting room floor if they hadn’t argued with the director and urged them to keep it in. In the case of your novel, poor Julia can’t argue with you to keep a scene in for her.
    Or maybe she can? Does Julia argue with you?!

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