Guts: An Update


I‘m feeling giddy today. Way back when, if you remember, I bemoaned my introverted-ness as a stumbling block to researching for Julia.

In the comments, Beth wisely pointed out that people like talking about themselves. Well, that didn’t cure my hand wringing, but it did push me into contacting an old friend and ask her probing questions about her job.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I need information on how the transport of bodies are handled by airports and funeral homes. I know I need to contact a funeral home, but really, on top of my general introverted-ness, there’s the whole funeral home aspect of it. Ug. So, I realized that the airport part of the equation might be a little easier to do. I didn’t bother with my local airport; O’Hare would probably be a little busy. I opted, instead to email the customer service desk of my hometown airport, Blue Grass Airport…coincidentally the airport I’d be sending said fictional body.

I sent the email, figuring I’d never hear back from anyone…but I did! I’m thrilled beyond belief. Giddy even.

Unfortunately, the kind person who helped me could only give me some info, but he did direct me to where I could get more help…a funeral home. And the funeral home only has a phone number, not email address. Gulp. I’ll have  to bite the bullet. But tonight I’m focusing on giddy.


One thought on “Guts: An Update

  1. Funeral home folks are some of the kindest people out there. They’re used to having to explain things like this to grieving loved ones… getting to talk to you instead might be a welcome relief. 😉

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