Someone Found My Review Helpful!



A while ago, I got an email from Goodreads telling me that someone found my review helpful. This was a shock. Mostly because I’d forgotten even writing the review.


I don’t write reviews often. I’m squeamish about it…especially if I didn’t like the book. I know the blood, sweat and tears that go into a book…the hours waiting, the hair pulling, the nail-biting (and I haven’t even started an agent search yet). So when I see a book  that is painfully bad (I am not talking about the book I reviewed…just in general), part of me is angry that I can’t even finish Julia to get her out there, so kudos to this author for doing that at least. And part of me is angry that I can’t write a scathing review when it’s deserved. Oh, I’ll yell at the book and threaten to throw it across the room, but no, I won’t write it down.

Am I worried about karma? I am empathetic? Am I just too wimpy?

I don’t do so well with book clubs…well, never having been in a book club, I’m just speculating. But, whenever a friend and I read the same book, I fall short on my end of the conversation. If I don’t really like it, I just leave it at that. If I do like it, I don’t want to turn it into a high school assignment by dissecting it.

So, what possessed me to write a review for Goodreads? No clue.

What about you? Do you consider book club and reviews a civic reader’s duty? Do you enjoy deconstructing the text? Or get a thrill when declaring how much you despised/adored it?



2 thoughts on “Someone Found My Review Helpful!

  1. I don’t think it’s a duty but a good idea.

    I don’t like it when reviewers (or English teachers) deconstruct a text. The author didn’t write the book with the intention it would be torn into little pieces to be analysed in isolation. By doing it, you are automatically missing the point.

    I live reviews with reactions and feelings about what they liked and didn’t like. It helps me decide if I should read it.

    • I agree, a good review isn’t a deconstruction…I’m just afraid I’d end up on that route!

      I liked your review of “A Tale of Two Cities.” Thanks!

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