The Icing

Handwritten sign that reads: Actually, the end isn't near. So, there's time to, like, think and talk things through.

The End Isn't Near by CC 3.0

In my last post, I mentioned that, perhaps I needed to visit famous authors’ typing grounds in order to get some good writing mojo. Specifically, I mentioned JK Rowling because she writes good endings. Obviously, I think she writes good beginnings and middles, too, but I’ve got endings on the brain.

After finishing each Harry Potter book, I remember my feeling of satisfaction. Not everything happened the way I wanted it to, but I was happy with how things turned out. The main plot had been handled and there was a hint at the future.

Is that what makes a good ending?

More often than not, I remember the endings I didn’t like (to books I did). Those tend to be the endings that wrap things up in a neat little bow. But those books have also handled the main plot and hinted toward the future. So, obviously, a good ending isn’t as easy as A+B.

When I left Hogwarts, I was sad because I was leaving these characters and their world, but I felt that I was leaving them better and stronger. In the books which endings I didn’t like, the characters certainly went through the trails to make them better and stronger, but I didn’t have that same feeling of satisfaction when I closed the book. So, perhaps it’s the perfectness of the wrap up that left me wanting.

I know there’s no map for writing a novel, but there are times when a little hint wouldn’t hurt.

So, what do you think makes a good ending? I’d love your opinions and any examples of endings you liked or hated.


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