Dialogue to Keywords



College girl talking to wax statue of Elvis. Both look into the conversation.

Me talking to Elvis about fried banana sandwiches by allygirl520 CC 3.0 http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrapstothefuture/2419312759/

I haven’t had a piece to submit to my writer’s group in over a month and I feel pretty crappy about that. So, I’m hoping that the scene I’m working on tonight will be in decent enough shape to show my writer’s group on Tuesday.

It’s a scene I wrote a while ago, but it just wasn’t working. My non-speaking character’s reaction wasn’t right. Instead of reacting in a way that was true to the situation and true to her, she was being attentive so that I could shoehorn more info in.



So, in an effort to make things right, I’m editing. Plan A: have my non-speaking character be true to herself and zone out, be absorbed in her own thoughts. Problem with Plan A? Speaking character has important info. So, I’m going to attempt mystical, magical fuzzy speak. I’m sure there’s a real name for it. You know, when you’re not really paying attention but you do hear one or two words of what the other person is saying.

To do this and still get my point across, I have to cut an already written paragraph of speech into four-ish key words or phrases. I lose the personality of the character’s speech, but I don’t think that will hurt it too much…not this one time anyway.

This is really a test of word choice and knowing what’s important. Is what I assume to be important really that important? We’ll find out on Tuesday.

If this editing attempt fails, it’s on to Plan B…which I don’t have yet.


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