What Bird are You?


Today, I’m playing with polls! Wheee!

I’ve read quite a few author interviews in which the writer talks about waking up early in the morning and getting in an hour or so of writing before work.

I can’t even imagine.

I take a train to work and I’ve tried writing or editing during the morning leg. I generally just stare at the pretty black dots on my white paper. The evening commute is much more productive and, somehow, seems much shorter.

What is your best writing time?


3 thoughts on “What Bird are You?

  1. Good question!
    I’m most creative in the evening/night, but what I come up with isn’t necessarily structured at all. So that’s my “idea time”. Sometimes I wake up with a good idea in the morning, but that’s rare. Middle of the day isn’t when I get the best ideas, but it’s when I am most productive.


    Im a SPURWING PLOVER small but protective of my area i dont like having snakes or stoats in my territory these intruders had better stay away or else

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