Stacks of chocolate bunnies in gold foil

Chocolate Bunnies by Little Hippo CC 3.0

I used to write copy for the ad inserts in your Sunday paper. Believe it or not, there’s a whole team of writers and artists working on those…writing product descriptions and tweaking images.

Not surprisingly, though, is that writing about 2/$5 Tylenol got old rather quickly. Writing about holidays was more fun…but only marginally.

Holidays like Easter lent themselves to puns. The title of this post being one. Everybunny being another.

I relied heavily on everybunny. It made me smile more than it should have. Even today, when I see it used, I cringe and laugh at the same time.

I wonder if the writer is new to the job and this feels funny and fresh, or if they’ve been through enough holidays that they think it’s terrible but have given up thinking of something new. I’ve been both those writers.

When I thought those phrases were fresh, writing them kept me sane in an otherwise horrible job. When I thought they were terrible, those phrases kept me sane because I had easy defaults that I knew would pass edits.

As the people being advertised to, what do you think of cutesy turns of phrases for headlines? Clever? Funny? Annoying? Never noticed?


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