Pavlov’s Dogs

Mob pillow fight in downtown NYC

Pillow Fight Day NYC 2010 2 by david_shankbone CC 3.0

I think I’ve shot myself in the foot. Or…is there a writing version of that phrase? I’ve unplugged my keyboard?

Anyway, it used to be that if I was having a particularly difficult time with a scene, lying in bed would help untie my mental knots. Ten or twenty minutes after lights out, I’d come tearing out the bedroom with the solution.

Now, when I think about the problems I’m have with my stories, I get really, really sleepy. These days, I’m tearing out of my room less often, but I’m falling asleep much faster.

Any of your writing habits backfire?


2 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Dogs

  1. bethfinke

    Right now I’d say most of my habits are not working – I’m not forcing myself to sit down and write much.
    Just the other day, though, I wrote a short piece, then realized it ws time to take my dog outside. I took him out, and while giving him time to sniff a tree and “empty” I came up with a better last line for the essay I was working on.
    Not sure what this has to do with your post? Maybe the part about Pavlov’s dogs? Dunno.

    • Bathroom breaks are good for writing! Good thing your dog knew just when you needed a little break.

      This may be TMI, but when I wrote the ad copy for Sunday circulars and was having a tough time coming up with those egg-scellent headlines, I’d walk to the bathroom. A little time away from the keyboard unblocked me. Of course, during those breaks I came up with things like egg-scellent and everybunny, so maybe that wasn’t the best example.

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