Keyword Challenge!

Skewer with five unshelled peanuts stuck into the ground. An evil villain looking squirrel is about to attack the challenge.

Cyril the squirrel up for a challenge 15:53:58 by exfordy CC 3.0

WordPress lets me see the top searched keywords that brought people to my blog:

-red wheelbarrow
-shoelace tips
-pictures of stormy weather scenes
-old school wheelbarrow
-emp[t]y museum

I guess this list is better than having “Mr. Magoo” be the keyword that drove people here for over a year. The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams is a good poem, so at least the list seems a little literary.

Anyway, looking at these, I thought “self, you should write a story — a page or so, nothing drastic — that incorporates all these search terms, post it and see if your site blows up!”

So, I’m challenging myself to write a short short. I’ll give myself a week and then I’ll post it here. It would be great if others want to join me in this exciting challenge…for your own edification or to post on your own blog or to have me post it here!

If you want me to post your short story or poem, email it to me at theemptypen(at)gmail(dot)com.


3 thoughts on “Keyword Challenge!

  1. Interesting words. And fabulous idea to write a story based on them! I’m looking forward to reading that. 🙂
    If I have the time, I may give it a go, but I’ve promised myself to finish up a guest blog entry before I start anything new.

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