Wired for Sleep


A while ago, I emailed myself a link so that I would remember to post about it. But then my email got full and the tidbit got pushed off the screen.

Voila! Today it comes out of the email netherworld.

The article talks about the way our brains are wired to read. The target audience is marketers, not authors, but I still found it interesting. I’m sure that when I sent it to myself, I had a brilliant blog planned around it. However, tonight, I can’t get past the author’s misuse of the word “literally.”

Ug, that bugs me. Not in an I’m-going-to-write-five-blog-posts-bashing-comic-sans type of way, but enough that I grit my teeth any time someone says it. Although, it’s probably more egregious than using comic sans.

Anyway, I’m fighting to keep my eyes open but am THIS close to finishing a large section of edits, so I’m not going to post a real post today. I’ll work on compiling more coherent thoughts about our brains and reading later.

Now, I’m wired for sleep.


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