Walk It Off


When I get writer’s block, I tend to turn to the black hole of the internet…not a great idea. Earlier this month, the blog The Muffin* posted better ways to combat writer’s block. Her first idea, take a walk around the block, reminded me of my first full-time job. If I couldn’t think of a clever or even pass-able headline I didn’t have the option to walk around the block or visit an art museum (tip 15). I did, however, have time to take a bathroom break.

It sounds silly, I know, but just getting away from my desk and walking out of my department was sometimes enough to dislodge or organize my thoughts. After staring at, typing and retyping bad ideas, a mini-break seemed to help. I usually took this break after I had a vague idea of the copy I was going for. I could see it floating in the air right in front of me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The walk, the change of venue (I’m not sure what), helped me see that elusive idea more clearly. I never came up with Clio Award winning headlines, but that wasn’t was I was going for.

Now, my mini-breaks are closer to The Muffin’s walks around the block, so maybe it’s time I head to an art museum…

What do are your writer’s block fighting tricks?

*I found The Muffin’s blog via @elizabethscraig. I recommend following her Twitter account for writing tips.


2 thoughts on “Walk It Off

  1. Good piece of advice! A change of scenery does wonders for me too, especially the interior of my shower or a walk outside.
    Apart from that I do little things like interviewing my characters or writing bits of short fiction.

    • It’s funny what a change of scenery can do. Showers, for you? What is it about bathrooms?

      I can’t interview my characters…when I don’t know their favorite colors I start to freak out!

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