No Internet? What to do?


Another bad storm blew through, knocking out power and Internet. We’re lucky enough to have power and AC, but the Internet has been down since yesterday AM. I’m getting a little twitchy.

My fingers aren’t up to typing out a full post on my phone so I’ll take advantage of the power and finish “Hunger Games.”

Hopefully I’ll be back in full writing form soon.

2 thoughts on “No Internet? What to do?

  1. Sorry to hear about the storm and lack of internet. But OMG I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES. And honestly, I would be so much more productive if my internet died every once in a while. 😛

    • Having no internet made me realize not only how addicted I was to it, but also how dependent I am. I wanted to check this or do that but couldn’t. Perhaps I’m a bit too wired!

      “The Hunger Games” was amazing! Finished it in two days and I haven’t done that in a while. I’m usually a pretty slow reader. I wanted to go to the bookstore at lunch today to get the second book, but work got to busy. Hopefully tomorrow. No spoilers please!

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