Square divided into quadrants, each displaying a different angle and zoom of a woman with her chin in her hand, looking utterly bored

*sigh* Bored at Work by sunshinecity CC 3.0 http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunshinecity/2498274404/

I printed out a full draft of Julia (believe this is draft 3) over the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to doing that for quite a while, but the actual act? Underwhelming.

Why? Excellent question…I wish I knew why. I know she’s not where I want her to be quite yet. Is that it? Or am I tired of Julia?

Anyway, I ran the manuscript through the three-hole punch and stuck it in a binder. Makes it a little more bookish. I’m sadly lacking in the three-ring binder department, so I evicted a previous manuscript and started reading it. The computer references are hilariously out of date (oh 1990s, how quaint you were), but I’m pleasantly surprised by my writing. Not that I would send it as is anywhere. There are some obvious flaws in the opening scenes (as far as I actually read), but the skeleton seems to be intact. That’s encouraging.


6 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. I have noticed that I get really bored with my characters in my novel after a few weeks of intensive work. My current solution: writing short stories. My current one is actually the “prelude” to my novel. I found this gave me that extra boost of, “oh, this could make an interesting spin on this character’s actions, blahblahblah.”

    Or I just shut off my computer and watch something on Nick at Night while eating something horribly unhealthy.

    The third thing I’ve found that helps is my ridiculous love of trashy romance novels. I crack open a nice historical novel and go to town. That usually gets me in the mood…ya know…to write…yeah…

    Good luck! 🙂

    Author of, “Til Death and I Part,” now available on Amazon.

  2. Haha, looking at old writing is always so fascinating. (And kind of cringe-inducing, if you’re me. :P) But now I’m tempted to go pull out some of my old writing too…

    Hope revising your draft of Julia goes well!

  3. bethfinke

    Well, of course printing your ms out was underwhelming – printing is a bore! Using the three-hole puncher, however, and then placing the ms in a binder? That’s a joy! Hope you are relishing the feel of its bulk.

    • Oh, come on, Beth, the hum of the drums, the buzz of the paper feeder, the infernal beeping of the paper jam…what’s not to love about printing?

      Yes, I got an odd thrill from the hole punch and the binder.

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