I Suck at Scrabble Or Why I Love My Dictionary


OK, just had a really weird, giddy feeling. I’m a dork. I know it.

I’m playing Word with Friends with friends and am getting soundly spanked. I suck at Scrabble.

Anyway, I’ve got a collection of nothin’ and one open letter to build on, an N. So, I pull out my dictionary and look up words that start with N and include the terrible letters that I have.

Some say cheating. I say desperation…er, open to new possibilities.

I haven’t used a dead tree version of a dictionary in SO long. I usually just look stuff up online, but there was something oddly thrilling about cracking the red hard cover of my Webster’s. Look at all those words I don’t know yet! And the “Guide for Writers” in the back…especially “Avoiding Sexist Language.”

Much like my actual thesaurus, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ditch it if for no other reason than you can’t just look up every N entry to see if you have a possible word in your jumble of tiles with a dot com dictionary.


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