Elusion of Shining Things

Self-portrait of feet with mini-disco balls on the toes...sandy beach as background

(Disco,) Toes in the Sand by marc falardeau CC 3.0 http://www.flickr.com/photos/49889874@N05/5172657836

Shiny Thing Syndrome for writers – being easily distracted by the next great story idea.

I was able to fight it off while finishing the current draft of Julia. But now that the draft is wrapped up and I’m ready to start something new while I let Julia breath, there is nothing shiny to be found. Nothing. I even dug out some old false starts to see if they would trigger an idea. Fizzle.

Either my brain is super dedicated to Julia or she has completely exhausted it.

I figure my best course of action is to read other people’s books and panic that I’ll never write again.


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