Ug. I’ve been easily distracted this week, so no heavy lifting happened with the writing. No real reading got done either. Kind of makes me wonder what exactly I did on my commute. Hmm.

While no major editing happened, I was able to flesh out a few scenes with layers.

A beta reader had an issue with one of my characters. I looked at her scenes and realized she wasn’t fleshed out because I used her to cause trouble and then swept her away as quickly as possible.

By going into just her scenes and really thinking about her actions (and sometimes changing them), I’ve fleshed her out. Her motivations are more clear and she’s more relatable. The story is stronger for it but, of course, this has created new loose ends that need to be tied up or at least looked into.

I’m a little stuck on the last quarter of the book. I guess that can be the downside of working in layers.

Here’s to commuting this coming week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to piece it all together.


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