Words, words, words!


Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?” I’m inclined to think yes. Because that’s just a word we’ve assigned to a thing. But there are some words that stick with me, like toilet paper on my shoe. When I hear it, I just can’t shake a certain memory.

The best example I can think of is going to out me as a huge dork, but here it goes…

The first time I remember hearing the word “irrevocable” was in the phrase “irrevocable guilt”…in an X-Files scene where Scully’s mother described Scully as a child to Mulder while they wait for her tombstone. I don’t know why the phrase “irrevocable guilt” stuck with me, but it did. To this day, when I read or hear the word “irrevocable,” I automatically flash to that phrase and that scene. The story I’m reading is on pause, until my memory stops playing.

OCD? A little crazy? Yeah, probably.

“Irrevocable” is used more than one would think, although, thankfully, not too much or I’d be paralyzed. I avoided using it in my own writing because of the memories I’ve attached to it. I realize that no one else will react that way when they come across it in my story…but just imagine the editing time I’d waste!

Do you have certain word hang ups?


2 thoughts on “Words, words, words!

  1. Yes! It’s my own fault, though. I always loved the word “wistful/wistfully” (I think I first fell in love with it reading Eloise McGraw’s Mara, Daughter of the Nile), but now that my blog name is Wistfully Linda, I ALWAYS notice the word when I’m reading. It pops out at me somehow, though I don’t get any flashbacks. I hope I can still bring myself to use that word in writing! It’s too good not to use.

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