Don’t Listen


Back from a friend’s wedding. We had a great time…including our all night Rap Karaoke and Guitar Hero fest. We screeched to our hearts’ content and re-realized that if you like a song, it’s best not to listen too closely to the words.

We were shocked to discover that Blondie’s “One Way or Another” was a stalker song…which lead us to reminiscing about Sting’s stalker song “Every Breath You Take”…which leads me to wonder how many other stalker songs are out there. Don’t answer that.

I’ve had a similar revelation with some books. I loved the story, but when I reread it, the writing was terrible. In those cases, as with creepy and terrible songs, I try to ignore the writing or lyrics and hold on to what I liked about it in the first place. Kind of an ostrich head-in-the-sand approach, but it works.

Have you ever felt that way about a story…or a song?


4 thoughts on “Don’t Listen

  1. bethfinke

    Many of my favorite songs fall into this category. I’ve done such a good job at cancelling the lyrics out, though, that right now I can’t remember them!

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