Reading Like a Reader

BLack and white cat reading a book called "Bad Cats"

Bogart is a bad kitty who reads by Elaine Vigneault CC 3.0

I talked about my reading list last week and how I’m plowing through books similar to my story. It’s only sort of worked. I’m having some problems getting through some of the books, but my main problem is that I don’t read like a writer.

In a recent Mystery Writing is Murder blog post, she talks about how, since becoming a writer, her enjoyment of books is different.

I had the best intentions when I created my reading list. But even when I start out with a critical eye, I slip. The prose pulls me in or the characters engage me too much. I let the writer go and just enjoy the book. Somewhere between “the” and “end,” I realize that, oops, I didn’t analyze this or figure out how to do that.

Are you able to read like a writer? Any special tricks for turning it on or off?



2 thoughts on “Reading Like a Reader

  1. It really important to create boundaries. Sometimes I read a book specifically because I want to pick apart the prose and sometimes I read a book because I need to escape from my own work. The trick is taking a deep breath and establishing the purpose before I crack open the cover or pick up where I left off. 🙂

    • bethfinke

      Ha! I do my best *not* to read like a writer – friends who have succumb to that tell me it’s made it too difficult for them to sit back and enjoy a good read.
      And boy, do I enjoy sitting back and enjoying a good read!

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