You Know You’re a Writer When 2


You check into you business trip hotel room and ponder where your MC could hide if the villain came aknockin’.

I discovered that the large marble front on the bathroom sink was covering up a cozy hiding space. It may take some acrobatics, but definitely, fictiously doable.

*Updated picture* 

Black marble bathroom counter with about a foot long the hand towel is folded to look like a swan

Hiding place?

Only thing behind the black marble front is the sink bowl. Nothing to the left or right…look at all that space! OK, so a lot of acrobatic skills are needed. If my life depended on it, I could do it, but a small child would probably fit better.

I’m thinking Riven Tam on the ceiling of Serenity…I could totally do it.


4 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When 2

    • Ha ha! When I’m around security people, I often imagine how to slip passed them. I try not to stare too long, though. I doubt I could pull off any of those fantastical situations I dream up.

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