Livin’ The Dream

Bright light where the band is and people milling around in the foreground

Power Plant Live in Baltimore

This is where I was Tuesday night instead of in front of my computer, composing a post.

It was a “Come Drink and Network” event put on by the convention I attended. When I first got there, I felt sorry for the band (sorry you can’t see them, they’re hiding in the bright blue light). I mean, they were rocking out in front of a bunch of business people. It wasn’t exactly a at cool night club or for record execs. But they were singing passionately, jumping around and dancing. They didn’t miss a beat, figuratively or literally.

By the time I left, people were up dancing. The energy of the band didn’t change. They were just as enthusiastic as when I came in and the floor was empty. I respect them for that. We may not have been their dream audience, but they took entertaining us seriously. This wasn’t a half-hearted effort. This was the show.

You’ve got to do that with every story and scene you write. Maybe it’s just something you’re writing as a toss-away, something to get your head our of your current WIP for a minute or something for a local contest. It may not be the Great Novel you know you have in you, but you’ve got to give it your all.

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