The Spam I Get


I’ve spent all weekend on my couch practically in a coma thanks to whatever bug I picked up at the conference I went to last week. Since I can’t think coherently enough to put together a blog post, I’m going to share the spam I get:

I left a pen lying horizontally on my desk last night, and when I picked it up to use it today, I noticed the little click button to extend the point out of the pen was all sticky. On further examination, it was clear that all the ink in the tube, for some reason, decided to run the hole on the bottom of the tube. What might cause this? I though it might be perhaps that some inks are magnetic and may have been drawn towards some magnetic field in my office cause by my computer, monitor, etc. Any ideas?. (I’m looking a good physics explanation).

I don’t think it’s quite as good as the Russian mobster spam I got a few years ago, but I like the creativity.


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