Art of Conferences?


I’m about 3/4 of the way finished with yet another Julia draft, I’m thinking it’s time for a conference, a writer’s get-away weekend, an uber critique sessions…something. It seems that all the other writing bloggers do it, so it’s my turn to lemming-leap off the cliff.

I found something close by that’s reasonably priced (i.e. not the $$$$ writer’s week in Maui), but I don’t know any of the lecturers or critiquers. I know I need to google the names, but have only had time to do one so far and that was a bust. The guy’s name was too popular and anything and everything but writer showed up…not a good sign.

Why do I think I need to do this? Outside perspective. Me and my writing group have lived with Julia so long that we may not see the glaring flaws. And as many writing blogs as I read, I still think there’s industry information that I can glean at something like this…assuming the right people are there.

So, how do you know if the conference/writer’s critique session is right for you? Anyone out there who’s done this already? Pointers? Things to look for?


2 thoughts on “Art of Conferences?

  1. I’ve never tried going to something like this, but I can definitely see why it could be a good idea. When I’m done with the second or the third draft of the novel I’m working on now, I have a couple of beta readers in mind who write too but who have never heard of that particular story of mine. Actually I’ve deliberately not told them in order to do that …
    Good luck finding something! I hope you’ll share your experiences if you go. 🙂

    • Beta readers are wonderful! I’ve done that as well and it can be really hard not to talk about the book before they see it.

      If I go, I certainly will share. I waffle back and forth about it….ug, indecision.

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