Alas and Alack


My 100 word story didn’t net me a free review of Julia’s first few pages. Oh well, it was still a fun exercise. Here’s the story I actually submitted, in case you didn’t read it in the comments:

Melissa passed out the last Snickers to the witch and ghost, and turned off the porch light. Now it was warm-bath-and-hot-cocoa time. No more fake blood and pumpkin guts.

As the water cooled, the bathroom began smelling of death, decay and — Melissa sniffed the insalubrious air – what that cologne?

He’d never left her. She was unforsaken by him, even after she’d slain him in that very tub. He didn’t want to be deadly, but he was so lonely. He reached up, took hold of Melissa’s hair and pulled.

I used slain instead of slay…I’d like to think that was my downfall.

And should my friend Melissa be reading this, yours was the last Facebook post I read before writing this, so your name was stuck in my head. Sorry.

Here’s the link to the winners – congrats to all!


One thought on “Alas and Alack

  1. bethfinke

    Oh, well. I guess contests are good to motivate us to write something we’re proud of, but Like I said before, I just don’t like those assignments where they give you words you have to use…

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