Halloween-ish Books

Old TV with two dials on it reflects golden sun set off it's screen. The TV is sitting in a lawn and the grass is about halfway up the set.

Solid State by SkippyJon CC 3.0/www.flickr.com/photos/alexnormand/5913845927

I love Halloween week on TV! Shows take on something a little weird and it’s usually a fun ride.

If I want something a little creepy or odd the rest of the year — books to the rescue! There are the obvious choices: Dracula, Frankenstein and anything by Stephen King.

But what about some other choices?

Silence of the Lambs because, well, it’s Silence of the Lambs.

Paranormalcy, a fun YA complete with vampires (as actual bad guys who don’t glitter).

Wicked for the witch aspect, but not exactly frightening.

Mama Day for the mystical ending. Not at all typical Halloween fare.

She Walks These Hills, a good ghost story.

Dissection, a fascinating and disturbing coffee-table book. Turn of the 19th century med students posed for pictures with their cadavers.

And, for some reason, Bunnicula springs to mind. It’s a book I loved when I was a kid, but haven’t thought about in years. I wonder if it stands the test of time…and growing up.

While I can pull Bunnicula from the back of my brain, I know that there are a lot more recent books that I’m forgetting. What comes to mind for you?


7 thoughts on “Halloween-ish Books

  1. Nice list!
    Ray Bradbury wrote some really creepy short stories. I remember one specifically about Halloween. The collection “The October Country” includes the only story that I have ever had a nightmare about in my life (I was a kid when I read it). XD

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