OK, so this is going to be random. Let’s see if I can tie it to writing by the end of the post.

I suffer from migraines. Always have. Light-sound-scent-touch-sensitive, head-in-a-vice-clamp, eye-being-gouged-with-an-ice-pick, food-nauseates-me migraines. Tons of fun. For days. Anyway, there’s medicine that does work. Thank God. And I take it.

In an odd coincidence, I rarely get headaches. And when I do, I rarely take medicine…because it’s such a weird experience for me. My head is hurting a little, but I can function. My body isn’t hurting. My brain can focus on other things. I can eat. I may be a little light or sound sensitive, but the smell of yummy popcorn doesn’t make me want to hurl.

The day after a migraine, when my senses are back to normal, I marvel at them. Look, isn’t everything pretty and light! Smell, oh it’s so wonderful not to be nauseated after smelling something as wonderful as coffee or as horrible as taxicab exhaust. That sweater I couldn’t handle yesterday? Blissfully scratchy.

Having a regular headache is kind of like those days for me. My head hurts, but I can experience my other senses normally and that is wonderous to me. I almost revel in it.

I had a normal headache the other day and I sat on my couch for several minutes just thinking “huh, so *this* is what a headache is like. How nice. Gee, I wish I had these instead…they’re so easy.”

And this is like writing because…eh, I’ve got nada again today. Looks like it’s just one of those weeks. Or maybe one of you guys can tie it back!

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