Angled shot of different Spam cans, stacked two high. VIsible kinds include: with cheese, garlic, Hawaiian, in honor of the Liberation of Guam, 70th anniversary, honey, bacon, hot and spicy, hickory smoked and turkey

Spam Shrine by arnold | inuyaki CC 3.0

Thank you Relief For Heartburn, but I’m pro-Spam, so I don’t think I should really pass this on…

||This is an anti-spam message|| Join the anti-spam movement! Accept this comment and do your part spreading the word that we will NOT be spammed anymore.Do your part and pass it on by posting on a friends site!

Not to be outdone, it seems, Heartburn’s cousin Bile Reflux left me this nice note:

Salutations from Japan. Forgive me for my bad English. I used Bing’s translator on your blog just to tell you how awesome I think it is! Take Care!

Heartburn gets 3rd place for most creative spam of all time* (1st place, 2nd place). Reflux gets honorable mention, but barely. I’m feeling charitable today. The “I like this” style post is a bit overdone. Reflux seems to be the poorer cousin of Heartburn all around…the disease/condition is lesser known (and often mistaken for his cousin – thanks wikipedia) and the spam is of a lesser creative quality. Step it up Bile!

Judging from the bulk of the spam I get, spam copywriters are just hatchet jobs. But when I see these flashes of creativity, I wonder. Is this writer just holding out until his novel gets published? Is she just incredibly bored at the job and does anything to make it interesting?

What is the-day-in-the-life of a spammer?

OK, enough procrastinating, time to get back to Julia. Unless, of course, you think there might be something to that last question…the next novel perhaps…OK, OK, really getting back to work now.

*All time on my blog at any rate.


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