Writing Prompt #1

Colored photo torn from a magazine. It's of a slice of raisin cinnamon swirl toast. In the center of the toast, the cinnamon swirl is a heart.

Writing Prompt 1

This writing prompt comes from the Kicking Writer’s Block in the Butt workshop I attended over the weekend.

The instructor handed out pictures (we were not to choose our own) and we had to write something based on the picture we received. It could be prose, poetry, a thought, a memory…we just had to write based off of it.

I got this piece of toast. I came up with two stories. The first, I’ll type below. The second was more focused on someone creating the bread so that heart was purposefully in there. Both exercises, however, turned into new character sketches and had no bearing on Julia or her current dilemma. She could always munch on some cinnamon bread (I mean, who couldn’t), but that wouldn’t solve the block I am having with specific details. Ah well, c’est la vie. And eat more bread.

Before I post what I wrote…give yourself a few minutes with the prompt picture. What do you come up with?

Prompt Story:

Some people see Jesus in their grilled cheese — I see God. I see God’s love in my cinnamon raisin toast every morning. My brother says I’m crazy. He would. He’s a plaid-wearing truck driver. He swears and smokes. He wears a dirty, fraying baseball cap – the same one he’s had since high school. The one I bought him for his 16th birthday, so I guess I can’t be too mad at him. The toast wouldn’t want me to anyway.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #1

  1. bethfinke

    Good piece of writing by you, but disappointing and overused writing prompt by your teacher. I’ve been in workshops with this sort of writing prompt more than once. Must admit it is fun to hear the panic in the teacher’s voice when s/he realizes I can’t see the photo.

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