Bookish Fashions

Headless and armless mannequin wearing a sleeveless gown made from book pages. The bodice is tight fitting and the skirt is poofy. The full pages look like they're being blown away.

Book Dress from Tumblr

How do you make books fashionable? You make them wearable! In addition to wearing these stunning banned books bracelet, now you can wear show your love of reading on your nails.

So, it was a lazy night when I found the words-on-nails pic…and I decided I needed them right then and there.

The site is in French and I used Google translate to help me out. Roughly:

1) paint your nails and let them dry

2) soak them in alcohol

3) put newspaper on them, then peel off slowly

4) finish with clear top coat

Still, there’s some interpretation. The site recommends soaking your painted-but-dry nails in vodka. I used rubbing alcohol and “soaked” until I counted to 5. All worked out fine. I also only left the newspaper on the nail for 5-10 seconds and that worked.

The toughest question, though, is what newspaper article do you want on your nails? I picked a paper out of the recycle bin (we have stopped buying the physical newspaper, so this was a freebie I’d been handed a few days before) and thought I’d just flip it open and cut out the first text heavy page I saw. Turns out that’s harder to do in a free paper than I anticipated. No page was fully text. Lots of ads. So I started looking at the articles. I didn’t want the sad story about children’s deaths on my fingers. Nor did I want the fluff piece about the latest Hollywood scandal. There was a piece on the mayor, but eh, I decided to pass. I ended up using a short piece on oysters and another on beer. When in doubt, I always choose food. Unfortunately, now my thumb is advertising that something is $15…and I’d really like to know what it is. My pointer finger is not obliging.

Thumb nail with nude polish and newsprint type on it. ($15) is the visible print.

My thumb

The copy is backwards…which makes complete sense, but I didn’t think about it while I was applying the newspaper and dreaming about how awesome this would have been in high school, especially for certain tests. *Ahem*

Wow, my thumb looks pudgy on film.

It’s kind of silly, but I’d do it again. I’d choose a more opaque color (for this I used the only light color I had available – French Manicure). And I’d also be more careful with how I placed the newspaper…see other fingers pic. Still, it was fun.

Ring and middle finger. The copy on the ring finger is crooked. And there's a void in the copy on the middle finger.

Ring and middle finger


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