Killing the Perfect Scene

Piggy bank - orange with blue flowers and cartoony eyes - is broken into several large pieces to reveal a handful of pound and pence coins.

Broken Piggy Bank by Images_of_Money CC 3.0

I follow romance, YA, mystery writer blogs. Even though I don’t write in those genres, the authors still have interesting points that can translate to my own work. I feel the same way about medium as I do genre, which is why I love Screenwriting Tips…You Hack.

I’ve been working on a subplot for Julia and incorporating parts of it have tripped me up. Mostly because it means that I would have to tear apart a scene that I think is perfect. It was one of the early scenes I visualized and one of the first to come together easily. And here I am thinking of destroying it. Screenwriting Tips to the rescue:

Screenwriting Tip #835
If it ain’t broke… sometimes it’s worth fixing it anyway. Rewriting even your good scenes can help you stay invested when working on draft after draft. Plus, who says there isn’t a better version that you haven’t found yet?

Time to suck it up and break the scene.


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