The Color Purple

Cover of The Color Purple. The cover art is a giant sunflower.

The Color Purple

A few months ago, one of my co-workers raved about Pintrest, a new social medium where you have bulletin board on which you virtually pin photos of things that interest you.

I signed up to give it a whirl and couldn’t think of anything I loved enough to share with everyone. One of their suggestions was books. OK, I thought, I can come up with books I like. And I did, but searching for cover art and pinning got tedious. You can’t just pin something, either, you have to come up with a description. Writing “I like this” for every book seemed dull, but being descriptive with each pinning was tedious too.

In the end, I pinned a handful of books and left the site, figuring that would be it.

As you can guess by my very clever blog post title, one of the books that I pinned was The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

I read it a LONG time ago, but remembered liking it. While in college, one of my campus jobs was working for housekeeping. I vacuumed halls, mopped floors, wiped down windows. I usually popped my headphones in and worked to Karma Chameleon. One day, I was struggling to yank the vacuum out of the housekeeping closet and I noticed The Color Purple was sitting on the shelf. The housekeeper I worked under was reading it. I’d listened to Culture Club one too many times. I was tired. And I didn’t want to fight the vacuum anymore. So, I sat down and flipped the book open to the middle and started reading.

I’d planned to read just a paragraph or two, but half my shift flew by. I’d forgotten how much I’d like the book, how I loved the characters, how great the writing was.

So, I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised that people started re-pinning The Color Purple, but I was. People had seen my board and loved The Color Purple so much that they put it on their own boards. Of all the popular, well-known books I have up there: Room, Pride and Prejudice, The Hunger Games…the one that people seem to love the most is hands down The Color Purple.

I understand why they love it, but can’t figure out why this particular one is being re-pinned so much. Is it one of those books that people don’t think of when they’re compiling their own lists, but when they see it think “oh, yeah! How could I forget that?”

What books surprise you?


2 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. bethfinke

    I think you’re right: it is one of those books that people don’t think of when they’re compiling their own lists, but when they see it think “oh, yeah! How could I forget that?” As an aside, my book club is discussing “Room” for our January meeting, and I am So glad they chose this book, I’ve had it on my “would probably like this” list but the premise is so odd I needed a nudge.

    • Yeah, I’d head so much about it, but wasn’t sure. A friend loaned me her copy and I would have finished it in one day if I hadn’t forced myself to put it down. When I started it…wait, have you finished yet? I don’t want to spoil it.

      A woman in the elevator at work had it and I was about to say how much I liked it, when the woman’s friend asked her how she liked the book. The woman shrugged and said it was eh. My head just about exploded.

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