Look at the Pretties

Big stack of books: all the Harry Potters, Save the Cat (about screenwriting), The October Country, Ray Bradbury Short Stories, When Will There Be Good News, A Secret Kept, A Secret Gift, New Growth: Recent Kentucky Writing, Little Children

Christmas 2011

My lovely Christmas presents may keep me busy for a week or so… The question is where to start.


3 thoughts on “Look at the Pretties

  1. bethfinke

    Thanks to your brilliant use of alt text, I am able to surmise that the graphics here are of all the books you got for Xmas. I’d say put “A Secret Kept” way on the bottom of the pile — I just finished it and thought it a bit vapid, especially compared to the author’s previous book “Sarah’s Key.”.
    I *love* Ray Bradbury and would go to him when you’re in the mood for a little short story.
    I also liked Little Children a ton but was the only one in my book club who did. Common reaction to that one: “I didn’t like a single character in the book.” Who ever said we had to like the characters to think it was a good read?!
    Happy New Year!

  2. It *is*a great treasure trove, Acid!

    Thanks for the suggestion, Beth. I’ve picked up Kate Atkinson’s “When Will There Be Good News?” as the first read. This gift fell under the “give me a book that you’ve read this year and enjoyed” category. Although my dad didn’t read this particular book, he read the one that came before it (“Case Histories”) and raves about it every time I talk to him on the phone.

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