Astropia was on one of my local public television stations that other day.

From Antiques Road Show to Check, Please! to Dr. Who to documentaries I stumble upon (Botany of Desire) to foreign movies, I love PBS.

Astropia was a little slow to start and quite for a movie. I forget how much American movies and TV shows use sound to steer the viewers until I watch a foreign language film…it’s eerie how quiet they can be. It’s like they’re just rely on dialogue and acting – crazy!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this movie. It was a fish out of water story: how becoming a gamer dork can make a socialite a better person. The movie switches between “real life” and gaming adventure which adds an element of fun…although, that did muddy a scene at the end because I wasn’t quite sure what happened. Felt a little like the writer wasn’t sure how to handle the scene and used the element as a deus ex machina. However, I can see others really enjoying the way that was handled to show how the characters all came together in the end.

However, I’d still recommend it as a fun movie to watch on a rainy day…besides, how often do you get to listen to a movie in Icelandic?

PS Because of Hollywood, I expected a make-over scene. I’m thankful that it didn’t happen!


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