50 Books in a Year?

"Julie & Julia" by Julie Powell on top of stack of books from previous post.

New edition!

We had Christmas 2 over the weekend (one of the benefits of having families in multiple states is a prolonged Christmas season). I received one more book to add to my To Read Pile.

Which leads me to Goodreads. At the end of last year, a lot of my friends were talking about how close they were or weren’t to their Goodreads reading goal. You can set a goal of number of books to read in a year and Goodreads will help you track it.

When my friends mentioned reading 25 or 50 books in 2011, I tried to count off what I’d read and couldn’t remember. What I could remember was embarrassingly low, so I think I’m going to jump on the Goodreads Goal bandwagon. I’ve set my sites on 50.

That’s less than a book a week, so it seems doable but I’m already almost a book behind!

Have you set a reading goal for yourself this year (whether or not you’re using a website to track it)?

If you’re on Goodreads, you can find me at Goodreads.com/theemptypen.


5 thoughts on “50 Books in a Year?

  1. Skyring

    There’s so many books around and more being published each year. Good books, excellent books, as well as all the thousands that are churned out rubbish and the vast library of mediocrity.

    Goodreads helps sort out the ones worth reading.

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