Is It OK To Have Just An OK Scene?


I had one of my writer’s groups today and I forgot about it until the last minute. Since I knew I was on the reading list, I quickly printed out a scene that I’d just shared with another writing group. I’d made their changes, so I could see if the changes worked…not a total cop-out.

I love big writing groups because of the different voices and opinions it provides…but sometimes those diverse opinions leave me scratching my head.

Comment One:

What can I say? You got it right!

Comment Two:

This is OK writing, but you’re capable of more.

Um. Thanks.

Everyone else seemed to think the scene worked and did what I needed it to. I agree with commenter two that the scene is not beauteous. It’s a workhorse scene as far as I’m concerned. It’s not supposed to be pretty. It’s not supposed to be deep. It has one job…to convey one piece of information. I can’t convey it any other scene.

I can see the end of the manuscript. And, boy do I want to get there. Am I just racing to the finish line without  making every scene perfect? Or is it OK to have a scene that isn’t layered and deep and more?


4 thoughts on “Is It OK To Have Just An OK Scene?

  1. bethfinke

    I think it is perfectly OK to have a scene that isn’t layered and deep and more. Otherwise the ms is too dense — readers need a break from time to time, too!

  2. LindaDM

    I’d say if you’re on a roll, keep your momentum going! When you’re in revision mode, if the comment gives you a nagging feeling (you kind of wish the scene was somehow better…maybe wondered about it before) then I’d try revising it. If the comment doesn’t resonate with you and doesn’t seem to be shared by others, I think you have license to ignore!

  3. Thanks ladies — I’m at the point of second guessing just about everything!

    Initially, the do-better comment didn’t resonate with me, but then self-doubt started to creep in. SD is tricky that way.

  4. I agree with the comments. Leave it, move with your momentum, and see what happens when you revise. I think that every scene has to have a purpose, and move the story forward. If it has not purpose, I cut. But, the reader does need to breath and digest, and I think we have to consciously put those in as well.
    Banish self-doubt!

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