Cheating On My WIP


After telling you about my “where in time do I start my WIP” problem, I’ve come up with another: I’ve gotten an intriguing new idea.

Terrible I know.

I’m considering dropping my older WIP for this new idea, but is that a fleeting desire? Am I going to wake up in two weeks and decide to go back to the one with the starting point that’s waffling in time? Only to return to the new one when the timing gives me problems again?

I don’t want to be working on two at a time. I want to be story monogamist, but I have a terrible fear of commitment. Which is funny to say since I’ve been singularly working on Julia for so long. Maybe I’m just dating until I find The One.


7 thoughts on “Cheating On My WIP

  1. I’ve had this problem–actually, all the time! I think that the main thing is to write down all your ideas in an organized format (separate binders or folders for each project). Some of them can be worked on now, some later. You don’t want to lose any of those precious ideas.

    So work on the main project, but every time you hit a brick wall, are disgusted with what you’ve written thus far, are burnt out, yada yada yada, you’ll have something else to work on for a few hours, days, or even a week. I find these “break projects” to be very refreshing and even can help the main project progress more smoothly.

    Stories aren’t like spouses. They’re more like your children. Children don’t (usually) mind their siblings (at least in the long run). Each “kid” will need more attention at different times. If you turn one of them aside today, you can always bring it front and center tomorrow.

  2. bethfinke

    Love that comment above! Do you have any idea how some of your favorite authors handle this problem? Would be curious to hear…

    • I’m not sure how other authors handle it. In my imagination, they get one brilliant idea, write it down, tweak it a little here and there, send it off and start on their next idea. I’ve been told by multiple blogs that it does not, in fact, happen that way, but I’m still not convinced.

  3. You are the second blogger I read this morning having this same issue – spring must be in the air!!! lol

    Question: Are you editing Julia, or still drafting?
    If I have the time, drafting one and editing another is the best set-up for me.

    It’s difficult to not chase those shiny new ideas, I sympathize!

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