Philosophical Spam


More deep thoughts from my Spam folder:

Nothing is older than Yesterday. [deleted link]

Hmmm. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is brilliant.

I have been swamped at work lately, so both my WIPs have been stagnant. The good/bad news is that I’m attending a conference for work. I’m excited about the conference (except for that little bit where I have to talk in front of people to give a presentation), but I will be so busy, I doubt I’ll be able to post.

Hopefully, I’ll come back with lots of good people watching tales. And I’m taking some reading and my WIPs along for airport downtime. We’ll see how much I can get done.


3 thoughts on “Philosophical Spam

  1. bethfinke

    Your blog readers will miss you while you’re away, but it’ll be worth the wait to hear the people-watching stories you come home with. Also eager to hear what you end up reading on the plane trips –have fun!

  2. good luck working while working 🙂

    ps. i don’t remember you being in sink with someone from my writing group before – ahhhh memory, it all goes after kids!!! lol
    maybe the water in montreal and chicago is it? are the same 🙂

    • I went back and checked…it was another blogger you read, not a friend. We were both talking about struggling with two shiny new ideas and not sure which one to start on first.

      But I like the idea of Chicago and Montreal water being the connected 🙂

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