Unplugging and Reading


It seems that freezing at four-day conference takes a lot more out of you than I originally anticipated. Sorry for being AWOL for two weeks.

Last week was busy playing catch-up at work, and when I came home, I just unplugged. Unplugged my brain, I mean. Not only did I not catch up on my blog reading, I kind of shut down from Julia and my dueling WIPs too.

And now that I’ve plugged my brain back in, I’m in research mode for one of the WIPs. While not the vacation I would have planned, it seems to have been the rest my brain needed.

Another upside, I finished three books:

The Mercury Fountain by Eliza Factor - my cousin's first novel!

Making Waves by Tawna Fenske

Little Children by Tom Perrotta


One thought on “Unplugging and Reading

  1. bethfinke

    You are such a tease – where are the book reviews? What’d you think of the three books you read? Do you recommend any of them?

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