You Know You’re A Writer When: Food


I’m still using the cork board to post WIP scene ideas before jumping into writing it. It’s been slow going lately, but I’m not alarmed…this lull feels very similar to the lulls I had when writing full scenes with no idea what was going to happen next.

Instead of worrying, I’m reading. And lately, with working late, I’m vegging on the couch, watching BBC TV shows. Specifically Doc Martin.

It’s about a curmudgeonly London surgeon who takes a job as a GP in a Cornish port village populated by eccentrics. Very pretty scenery. I’ve never thought I’d enjoy village life, but I after watching a few seasons, I decided that I couldn’t live in the fictional Port Wenn. Not because of the idiosyncratic cast of characters or because everyone seems to walk uphill, both ways, in the snow to get anywhere. No. It’s because they probably wouldn’t have any Mexican food…and I’m doubtful that the fictional grocery would have enough of a fictional selection of food for me to make my own.

You know you’re a writer when you pay this much attention to fictional worlds…or else I’m just a little nutty and need to stop my marathon TV-watching.


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Writer When: Food

    • No, I don’t think so…the shoes have been around a lot longer. Apparently, the TV show is sort of a spin off of the movie Saving Grace with Craig Ferguson. Sadly, Craig does not make a recurring or cameo appearance.

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