Have Library, Will Travel


When I was on my business trip, I took a book from the library with me. I hemmed and hawed before I packed the book. I don’t like traveling with someone else’s book (library’s or person’s). What if I lose it? Or spill airplane Coke on it? I could drop it at the gate or leave it at the hotel room.

Because I don’t want to slow the agent search down and I wanted to read this book to see if this agent’s ideas on women’s fiction meshed with what Julia is, I bit the bullet and took the book along. Everything went well. No spilling. No losing.

I have no problem taking an audio book on a trip with me…so what’s so different about a paper book?

Is this totally a me weirdness thing? Or do others not like traveling with library books?


5 thoughts on “Have Library, Will Travel

  1. Jackie

    Hmm… this might be just a you thing. I always travel with library books. Do you tend to lose things when you travel? Are you more prone to Coke spillage on the road? If so, then I can understand your anxiety!

  2. Not just you! I’m deathly afraid of taking library books with me (but I’m also okay with the audiobook thing, as long as I’m traveling in my own car). I also hate to travel with outstanding library books in my house. Let’s just say that I had several bad library book incidents in childhood that have scarred me forever.

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