Keyword Challenge 2

Skewer with five unshelled peanuts stuck into the ground. An evil villain looking squirrel is about to attack the challenge.

Cyril the squirrel up for a challenge 15:53:58 by exfordy CC 3.0

About this time last year, I needed a a challenge, so I took keywords that people used to find my blog and used them in a story.

I’m working on my query letter but need a quick distraction, so I’m going to revive Keyword Challenge.

Here are the keywords people used to find this blog today:

astronaut flickr
old wheelbarrow
domino tiles line
tape sculpture
pen empty
bumper sticker condom

Makes perfect sense, right?

So, by next Tuesday, I’ll have something with all these words in it to share with you. You all are welcome to join me…using my keywords or your own.

My first Keyword Challenge story.


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