And Done!


Sort of.

I’m heading off on vacation soon and pledged to send out 5 query letters before then. I needed a due date and since I plan to unplug while I’m gone (so I won’t obsessively check to see if the agents who cautioned not to expect to hear from them any earlier than 6 weeks had in fact read my query and been so blown away that they got back to me early), next week seemed like as good a due date as any.

And this week, I sent out 6 – SIX – queries! Phew.

The “sort of” part is the next six weeks. I will try not to obsess and I will try not to be crushed when I get rejections…so I’m going to gloss over those minor details. I chose 5 agents because it’s a manageable number to send out in a week, especially since I tried to do some personalization in the body of the email. 5 also seems like a decent litmus test. I’d rather get 5 rejections and retool my query than get 25 or 100 and have to retool AND research for new agents.

The 6th query was actually a test run. The agent was a “maybe” on my list but he also requested that queries be sent through a web form instead of via email. The form asked specific questions and I sliced and diced my query, matching certain paragraphs with certain questions. My query seemed to answer all his questions, so I felt like it had to be somewhat decent. And since I had already filled out the form, why not send it?

Now, whether I had the RIGHT answers to those questions is another matter entirely.


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