The Many Uses of Air Vents


Last week, I was at a friend’s graduation. Many of the universities and professional colleges in town use local theaters for their graduation ceremonies. I was excited to go, partially because this graduation was in the Civic Opera House and I was curious to see inside:

View from the 5th balcony. Tiny stage, gold plated ceiling and walls. The ceiling is tiered with scalloped, lattaced air vents that face the audience.

Pretty interior. And then I looked up and thought, “hmmm, are those air vents? Is that glint of metal in the middle a catwalk? Could you crawl across the ceiling in them to get away from a bad guy? Could an assassin successfully shoot a target from in there? What if there was a group of people trying to hide in there RIGHT NOW?”

Close-up of what I'm calling the air vents. Lattace work panels look like they have a piece of metal halfway up inside. I assume it's a catwalk, but really have no idea.


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