Artists Have Guts


I don’t see myself as a brave person. Even though I know the stereotype is false, part of me still clings to the social idea that writers are mousey shut-ins.

In reality, though, writers — all artists, really — are brave. They put it on the line every day. Your soul. Your ideas. Your skills. You create and show it to the world with no control over how it’s accepted. People may love it. Or hate it. Or not even notice it.

Last weekend, I went to a soccer game. I didn’t particularly like the style of the guy who sang the anthem, but I had to give him credit. He was up in front of thousands of live people and a TV audience belting his heart out. He made creative decisions and showed them to everyone…no take backs or do overs.

Listening to him, I began thinking about the growing rejection pile and exciting new deadlines, and realized that I may not be on stage singing, but I am out there.

No matter if it’s your first story or your 101st, it takes guts.

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