I Backed Away from the Book


I returned a book to the library unread. Big day for me, I guess. I couldn’t get into it, so I backed away and am not feeling guilty about not finishing it…not too much anyway.

So, I celebrated with a bit of a Buffy marathon. I really, really tired to deconstruct the episode arcs and the overall story arcs…you know research, but I got sucked in and watched like a watcher…er, viewer. Well, one thing at a time.

I did realize (something that I seem to need to rediscover with every story) that my WIP needs more action. I’m focused so much on the emotional arc of my characters that I forget they need an action to express it. No vamps to beat up in my story, but my characters need to make bad choices that make things more exciting.


6 thoughts on “I Backed Away from the Book

  1. Kim

    I’m impressed (okay, envious) at your ability and knowledge. As a writer, I’ve always worked on scientific papers. Now, in retirement, I’m trying to embrace the creative side of writing. Reading your blog (and a few others) points out how much I need to learn. I feel like a child tennis star whose new coach wants her to play with her other hand. Recognize where you are and embrace it.

  2. bethfinke

    I suppose you are right, but I just hate it when the characters I fall in love with in books make bad choices.

  3. Hey, it happens. I’ve returned books that I haven’t read. I always say I’ll try again later, but I usually don’t. There are just too many books I want to read! Cool about Buffy though. 🙂 I should try the deconstructing thing too.

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